Available Babies:

  • December 1, 2019
  • Natalie has a brand new kit available. Jayden Awake is a Limited Anniversary Edition.
  • October 16, 2016
  • Natalie's Bailey kit is available for a REALLY great price! Bailey is a Special Limited Edition of only 500 worldwide.

Recent News:

December 1, 2019

Natalie is working on finishing a couple of new kits for the new year, she also has a vinyl reborn kit available for an incredible deal! Bailey is a Special Limited Edition of only 500 worldwide.


Natalie Scholl began her career in the doll world nearly 10 years ago, but her artistic talent emerged at a very young age.

Natalie has always had a strong interest in babies, particularly young infants. At the age of eleven, she was accepted into a course in porcelain doll making. She was the youngest in the class of women.  At that time, a mold by Boots Tyner, called, “Sugar Britches”, was the doll that captured Natalie’s interest. After completing the course, Natalie made more dolls which she sold or gave away as gifts. It wasn’t long though before Natalie realized her creativity wasn’t being challenged and she became frustrated with the fact that other than changing the paint colours, the wigs or the eyes, the dolls all looked alike. In her mind, Natalie had a clear vision of the look she wanted for the babies but, with limited tools, she had no way to create the babies of her dreams.

Natalie went back to painting and drawing and the doll making went on hold for the next few years. During that time, she focused her energy on completing her university degree.  Her thoughts for the future were on medical school and so she began anatomy courses during her undergratuate years, and was completely fascinated.  

Shortly after her graduation, the artist emerged once again and Natalie began thinking about making the babies that she had always dreamed of creating.  A great deal had changed between the time of her first doll course at the age of eleven and her university graduation. She now had access to a wide range of information about dolls via the internet and she had gained a more detailed knowledge of physical anatomy, both of which would help her to sculpt more realistic dolls. Natalie spent hours researching her interests on the internet and in so doing, came across what are known as “OOAK polymer clay dolls”.

During her research, Natalie came across a doll making list online that she later joined.  As her enthusiasm for sculpting her own dolls grew, she went to work on her creations. The sculpting came very easily to her and she really enjoyed working with the clay. The first of her life-size newborns came to life. Since then, she has put a great deal of effort into making each doll more lifelike than the last. Natalie always strives for perfection and looks for new ways to improve her work. She takes great pride in the attention to detail that she gives each piece because she knows that that is what makes each one more special and unique. She still spends hours reviewing anatomy of newborns and older infants and understanding how each and every part of a baby moves and changes as development occurs. Her keen interest in learning and researching allows her to continually improve.