Available Babies:

  • January 19, 2024
  • Natalie has her ever popular kit, "Jayden", as well as her, "Sofia Grace" kit available as silicone kits!
  • January 19, 2024
  • Natalie has two vinyl kits currently available and in stock!

Recent News:

January 19, 2024

Natalie has her first new vinyl kit of 2024 coming out January 20, 2024 on her website only for an early artist release. This kit will be available from authorized retailers on February 20, 2024. It is an edition of only 750 worldwide.

Natalie has also been working on some new projects for both vinyl and silicone as well as a few other surprises. Look for lots of exciting, new things from Natalie this year! This is her 20th year Anniversary of sculpting in the industry, and it promises to be a good one!!!

Partial Silicone Sofia Grace Kit
(also available as just a Silicone Cuddle Head)

Sofia Grace originally came out in 2017 as the sixth vinyl kit reproduced by Natalie. She was sculpted using pictures of a friend's daughter. She was an edition of only 700 worldwide. In 2020, this kit was brought back in silicone by another company, but all editions where closed at the end of 2021. Beginning in 2022, Natalie began working with a new silicone molder/caster and after much thinking, she decided to bring back Sofia Grace and Jayden in silicone. Sofia Grace is a nice small newborn size, resembling a newborn of a 5-6lb size, measuring about 18" when completed. This kit comes with a blank head and full limbs. You may also order just the head to use as a silicone Sofia Grace cuddle baby.

PLEASE NOTE! Sofia Grace silicone kits are, "pour on demand". When you place your order and pay in full, I then place an order with D3 Creation, (the caster and pourer), to have your order made. This means they are a custom order item and cannot be returned. Shipping is billed separately when your order is complete by D3 Creation when your order is ready to ship. The turnaround time for D3 Creation orders is 6-8 weeks.

I am currently waiting for some pictures of the actual blank kit, so for now I am using photos of a reborned vinyl version until I am able to post pictures of the actual kit. Having said that, the silicone is an exact replica of the vinyl.

In this vinyl version of Sofia Grace, reborned by Silvia Ezquerra, you can see how this sculpt has been sculpted with a very newborn look... one that is a tiny 5-6lbs. She has tiny creases in her eyes, and a little dimple in her chin under her open lip, revealing her little tongue. The ears and the skull structure were sculpted to look identical to the real baby.

Natalie took a lot of time to sculpt in all the fine details in the limbs of this kit. The hands and feet are extremely realistic.

The feet were sculpted using pictures of real baby feet. Each crease is realistically placed and sculpted.

The limbs are so full of detail. This little one just poses so naturally.

Notice the detailing in the face and the skull structure, which gives more depth to the sculpt.

Another look at how nicely she poses.

This photo gives you a better look at all the fine details in the hands.

She curls up into such a sweet little bundle!

Another angle to see the detailing and overall shape of everything about her.

She is such a sweet little peanut.

One last sweet photo!

If you would like to purchase this kit/cuddle head, please add to your cart and follow the page that pops up.

Partial Silicone Sofia Grace Kit

Please remember that shipping will be charged directly by D3 Creation as soon as your order is ready to ship.

Silicone Sofia Grace Cuddle Head

Please remember that shipping will be charged directly by D3 Creation as soon as your order is ready to ship.

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