Available Babies:

  • January 19, 2024
  • Natalie has her ever popular kit, "Jayden", as well as her, "Sofia Grace" kit available as silicone kits!
  • January 19, 2024
  • Natalie has two vinyl kits currently available and in stock!

Recent News:

January 19, 2024

Natalie has her first new vinyl kit of 2024 coming out January 20, 2024 on her website only for an early artist release. This kit will be available from authorized retailers on February 20, 2024. It is an edition of only 750 worldwide.

Natalie has also been working on some new projects for both vinyl and silicone as well as a few other surprises. Look for lots of exciting, new things from Natalie this year! This is her 20th year Anniversary of sculpting in the industry, and it promises to be a good one!!!

Sofia Grace Vinyl Kit

Sofia Grace is a portrait sculpt of a baby that was 5-6lbs, so she is a nice, small newborn size. Despite her smaller size, no detail has been overlooked in the sculpting of this kit... from the fine details on the feet to the shoulder blades, spine, and hips all apparant on the full torso that is an optional add-on with this kit. This kit comes with a blank head, full limbs, and a signed and dated doe suede body. There is a very limited amount of stock left of this kit and they are on sale for $70 USD each and the full torsos are $24 USD each. PLEASE NOTE! The reason they are marked down is because the remaining numbered COAs were unfortunately misplaced and I do not know what numbers were on them. They are part of the original edition, so will complete the edition of 700 kits and will come with an original COA, but it will say, "not numbered" on it.

Sofia Grace has been sculpted with very well defined temples. This depth gives an incredible realism to her head whether it is rooted, painted, or bald!

This little one has also been sculpted with newborn scrunched up little "froggy" style legs as well! She poses very well and feels just like a real newborn baby.

Sofia Grace has also been sculpted with one open hand and one closed hand which easily pose in many positions. Each hand has been carefully sculpted with attention to all the finer details.

For those that are interested in her full torso, she will be assembled with a cloth body inside of the full torso. This gives you the benefit of choosing to keep her with a full torso on, or cutting the torso in half along the sides so that you have a front and back plate and you can easily pose with either or even both, as has been done in these pictures!

You can see her defined shoulder blades, spine, and where the pelvis forms around the back. Absolutely no detail has been missed in this torso. The front has a belly button sculpted right from the pictures of the real baby and again, you can appreciate the ribs, sternum, and hips that form the shaping of a newborn baby!

She poses so naturally and with ease.

Her legs tuck up together just perfectly!

She's a perfect little peanut!

Shipping for this kit is $15 USD for anywhere within the continental USA via UPS, and $20 USD for anywhere within Canada via UPS. I do ship worldwide, but please contact me for individual pricing for your address and I will get a quote for you.

If you would like to purchase this kit, please add to your cart using the appropriate country for proper shipping cost. If you would like to add a full torso to your order, please use the button below to add one to your cart. If you are outside of these regions, please contact me for shipping quotes.

Sofia Grace Full Torso

Sofia Grace Kit + Shipping

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