Available Babies:

  • October 16, 2016
  • Natalie's Bailey kit is available for a REALLY great price! Bailey is a Special Limited Edition of only 500 worldwide.

Recent News:

October 2, 2012

While Natalie is working on finishing a kit for the new year, she also has a vinyl reborn kit available for an incredible deal! Bailey is a Special Limited Edition of only 500 worldwide.

Reborn Doll Kits

Natalie is a sculptor, NOT a reborner! If you are wanting a reborn, you need to look for a "Reborn Artist".

Four of Natalie's previous kits, (Jayden, Ryan, Will, and Emma), are all completely sold out.  They were limited editions, so will not be back in stock.  The only way to find either of these kits is the secondary market.  The only kit available and in stock at this time is, "Bailey", which is on for a very special price until remaining quantities last.  It will never be brought out again once these last kits are sold.

I have also been asked if there will ever be more made of "Jayden"? No! This kit was a Limited Edition of 500. For me, Limited Edition means limited to the number stated at the beginning of sales. This will never change.

Another question commonly asked is if I will sell damaged kits or kits that are not numbered. As stated above, it is a limited edition and putting out damaged pieces or kits with no numbers devalues those that are part of the edition, since somewhere down the road the kit will probably end up on the secondary market.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the large volume of email Natalie receives, any message sent asking any of the above questions will unfortunately go unanswered.

Future Kits

Natalie has a sixth kit in the works. Sculpting is nearly finished and then it will be shipped out to the manufacturers. A recent poll shows the majority of potential buyers would like less time between pre-orders and the arrival of the kits, so pre-orders will not begin until the prototypes are in. It is because of this that at this time, she is unsure when it will be ready for purchase. She will have a better idea on scheduling once the sculpt has arrived at the manufacturers. Stay tuned!

If you would like to be notified as soon as this kit or any other future kit is available for pre-order, please join Natalie's mailing list by going to the contact page and asking to subscribe to the mailing list.