Available Babies:

  • January 19, 2024
  • Natalie has her ever popular kit, "Jayden", as well as her, "Sofia Grace" kit available as silicone kits!
  • January 19, 2024
  • Natalie has two vinyl kits currently available and in stock!

Recent News:

January 19, 2024

Natalie has her first new vinyl kit of 2024 coming out January 20, 2024 on her website only for an early artist release. This kit will be available from authorized retailers on February 20, 2024. It is an edition of only 750 worldwide.

Natalie has also been working on some new projects for both vinyl and silicone as well as a few other surprises. Look for lots of exciting, new things from Natalie this year! This is her 20th year Anniversary of sculpting in the industry, and it promises to be a good one!!!

Vinyl Doll Kits

All of Natalie's vinyl doll kits are Limited Editions. That means, upon production of the final kit of that particular edition, NO more vinyl kits will be produced ever! Natalie does not have second editions nor open editions. Some of Natalie's vinyl kits are also available, or have been available, as partial or full silicone kits in addition to their vinyl editions. I often get asked about sold out editions. Unfortunately, the only way to find a kit from one of my sold out editions is to look on the secondary market. I also get asked if I will sell any flawed kits. I do not. All flawed heads are replaced with good kits to take their place in the edition and flawed heads are destroyed. As I try to limit the amount of incomsumable waste, I do offer good quality limb sets at a discounted rate as well as flawed sets to practice on at an even further discounted rate. Please look under the, "extra limbs", category for these. Natalie is continually working on new kits and has several on the go at the moment that she hopes to bring out in 2023. In addition to this, she is continuing to work on silicone kits with D3 Creation. Stay tuned!

If you would like to be notified as soon as any future kits become available for pre-order, please join Natalie's mailing list by going to the contact page and asking to subscribe to the mailing list.

Available Vinyl Doll Kits

Everleigh Gwen

Sofia Grace

Jayden Awake

Everleigh Gwen (coming 2023)

Sold Out Vinyl Doll Kits


Vinyl edition of 500 kits worldwide, sold 2010
Partial Silicone Edition, sold 2019-2021
Partial Silicone Edition redone in collaboration with D3 Creation, sold 2022-present


Vinyl edition of 1000 kits worldwide, sold 2011
Partial Silicone Edition, sold 2020-2021


Vinyl edition of 1298 kits worldwide, sold 2013
Partial Silicone Edition sold 2020-2021


Vinyl edition of 500 kits worldwide, sold 2014


Vinyl edition of 200 kits worldwide, sold 2015
Partial Silicone Edition sold 2020-2021